The "Sing Out Fire Safety" Show

Juno Award Nominee and children's recording artist and performer, Mary Lambert, tours throughout Canada with her live performance "Sing Out Fire Safety". This program is designed to captivate and teach children the very important messages of fire prevention and safety through interactive music, dance, drama, colourful costumes, humour and fun! Through this program, children are encouraged to go home and teach their parents the things they have learned. Volunteers from your department team up with Mary to present this message.  Fire prevention saves lives!!!

See a video clip of Mary's "Sing Out Fire Safety" concert (performances can be held at elementary schools, large concert halls (as in video clip) at festivals or safety events)

An award winning CD "Sing Out Fire Safety", both in French and English have been produced to assist learning in the home or in the classroom. These are geared for families with young children, day-care workers, elementary schools and fire departments.  

Fire Departments and families interested in ordering SING OUT FIRE SAFETY product may order through our online STORE!  (click on STORE at top of page)  If you are interested in obtaining more information on bringing a performance to your community, please contact Mary Lambert Productions:

The Performance

This performance can be adapted for school groups, concert halls or community events. Mary takes her audience through many aspects of fire prevention and fire safety during this interactive musical performance. Children will learn more about what firefighters do, and many important fire safety tips, including the importance of smoke alarms and what to do when they go off. "Sparky's Funky Dance" will get the kids moving and responding to important questions, and "The Great Escape" will show the kids how they can plan fire drills in their homes with their families. Kitchen, home and campfire safety are explored through colourful props, loads of audience participation and upbeat tunes. "Children, Teach Your Parents" is the wonderful finale which teaches kids sign language and encourages them to share what they have learned with their parents and families.

This unique way of teaching children has been a hit with teachers, educators and fire prevention officers. For references and quotes, see below.

The Story of "Sing Out Fire Safety"

Township of Beckwith Fire Chief, Dale Currie, took his family to Kingston, Ontario to see a performance by family entertainer, Mary Lambert, in March of 1999. After taking part in one of Mary's interactive shows, he struck up a conversation with her. On the way home he had a wonderful idea to create songs about fire safety so that kids could learn through interactive music.

After some further consideration, Fire Chief Currie contacted Mary to see if she would like to write some songs and produce an entire fire safety performance for schools. Mary was very excited to do this, and after researching all of the information, things fell into place very quickly.

With the support of The Lanark County Fire Departments, during National Fire Prevention week of 1999, Lambert and the fire chiefs were able to provide over 20 schools with a wonderful, colourful musical performance. The show was very well received by all of the children and teachers alike.

After receiving rave reviews from the shows, Currie approached Lambert about recording a CD to be ready for National Fire Prevention Week, 2000.  Three new songs were written containing other important fire prevention messages, and then Lambert went to the studio to begin recording. After many hours or hard work & creativity, we are pleased to present "Sing Out Fire Safety" with 11 new songs, including one co-written by Currie.  Mary has also had this project translated, adapted and recorded into French - "Chantons La Prevention". The CD carries with it the support of the Ontario Fire Marshal and Fire Prevention Canada.

It is well documented that children learn well through the repetition of music, and these recordings will create long and lasting memories of these very important fire safety messages. It is our wish that children and families everywhere will learn through "Sing Out Fire Safety". So, sing, laugh and learn today, and help save a life tomorrow!




"We (fire fighters) are not usually into this type of involvement but you made it easy and enjoyable, thank you. All the ff's had a good time. Not kidding, when we got back to the fire hall we all had grins and nothing but positive comments about you and your program. We have gotten very good feedback from the teachers and we could see the kids enjoyed it as well. I'm sure there were a large number of parents being questioned when the kids got home that night." Paul Lijdsman, Fire Chief, SCO, Oyen Alberta Fire Dept.



"I found out about Mary Lambert by searching the internet, looking for "Fire Prevention Entertainers" and,voila, the lady who should be known as Sparky's Mom. The effect she has on children is amazing. She captured their attention through song and dance, spoke clear about the fire prevention message and did it in a way that the children were learning without even realizing it, because they were having so much fun. THAT'S HOW YOU TEACH AN IMORTANT SAFETY MESSAGE! With our Fire Department we have tried many different ways of teaching Fire Prevention, through demonstrations, videos, having children teach children but have never captured the attention that we received from Mary Lambert. Her upbeat songs, interaction with the audience and karma that captured the children's attention made her loved by all. Her Fire Safety Message was talked about for weeks on end. Many of the children sent messages, letters, and posters to the Fire Department to show what they've learned, why they enjoyed it so much and to thank Mary for helping them learn about Fire Safety. Mary is an amazing lady who cares deeply about Fire Safety for children, the message she passes on to children in turn is passed on to their parent and loved ones. This trickling down effect eventually covers the entire community through stories of how and why you should be safe when it comes to Fire. Labrador West believes Mary Lambert is an amazing Fire Prevention Idol for our Community and the rest of Canada."
Marcie Brown, Labrador City Fire Department- Fire Prevention Volunteer



"We had a blast and the message you put across actually made it home with the kids. We had a lot of questions from parents asking what went on at school, and why was their child pushing Fire Safety to them! That was a better response than we expected and it is fantastic that the kids learned from your presentation.  Thank you for coming to Fox Creek, and hopefully we can work together again next year!" Mike Pasula, RPFT, Operations Unit Head, Fox Creek Ranger Station, Alberta

"Fire prevention Canada is proud to have you perform "Sing Out Fire Safety" for the hundreds of children who attend the annual Fire Prevention Week Launch. Your energetic interaction with the children is amazing. Your way of teaching them how to be fire safe is awesome. "Children, Teach Your Parents" is such a powerful finale to this show. It really brings the message home. They all love you and so do we. Fire Prevention Canada is very fortunate to have you as a partner."
Shirley Gallant, Ottawa, ON - Fire Prevention Canada

Safety and Prevention Messages
Prevention and fire safety topics that are covered in Lambert's 11 original songs include:

TOOLS NOT TOYS - Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children. They are tools for parents to use correctly and not toys for children to play with.
BIG RED RIDE - This song helps children become familiar with what they will find at their local fire station and also to become familiar with terms used in the fire service industry. This song also helps review when emergency vehicles have sirens sounding and/or lights flashing that people are required to pull over on the road and let them pass.
OUR FIRE FIGHTERS - This song is designed to help children recognize the role of fire fighters and fire prevention officers in our communities.
THE FIREBUG - Never leave food cooking unattended on the stove; Keep stove and oven clean because built-up grease and food particles are easily ignited; Careless smoking and playing with matches and lighters can cause fires; Ensure that smoke alarms are in working order.

SPARKY'S FUNKY DANCE - Have smoke alarms installed in the proper locations and in working order in your home or apartment; Children should never touch irons, kettles, bubbling coffee pots, matches, lighters, heaters; If contact is made with a flame or hot surface, immediately cool a burn with cool running water, and tell parents so that medical attention can be sought.
STOP, DROP & ROLL - Avoid loose clothing while cooking; Never play wit matches and lighters; Never get too close or play around campfires; If clothing, hair or skin catches on fire - Stop panicking and running, drop to the ground, and roll over and over.
THE GREAT ESCAPE - This song outlines the five steps in involving families in preparing escape plans and practicing them.
REMEMBER THE PASSWORD - Children should never try to use a fire extinguisher to put a fire out, but should leave the home immediately and go to their meeting place and have someone call for help. This song was written for parents as a reminder to be trained in the proper use of fire extinguishers, and also to have them in their homes in the appropriate locations.
PUT OUT THE CAMPFIRE - Always ensure that your campfire is completely doused with water and out. Ensure that a campfire is never left unattended.
CHILDREN, TEACH YOUR PARENTS - This song encourages children to talk to their parents about the things they have learned. Children can be an instrument in teaching their parents how to have a safe home. Safe homes mean safe families.