Mary's Testimonials

Hi there everyone! I've asked some folks who organized past performances to give me some quotes for you. Here are just a few!

"I can't emphasize to you enough how amazing you are! We had a count of 146 people at your performance this year! Even more than last year! You are incredible! Thanks to you it was a HUGE success! Have the most beautiful rest of your summer! We LOVE you! "
- Laura, aka Miss Honey, Stony Plain Public Library, AB

"Mary's concerts are always a wonderful treat for my K- Grade 3 Music students. All of the students were highly engaged and entertained while also learning a great lesson. She does a great job of incorporating the audience and including volunteers into the performances. We love having her at our school and look forward to her visit every year!"
- Joanne Yu K-3 Music Specialist, Dr. Donald Massey School, Edmonton, AB

"Our students had such a great time at your performance in May at Lord Strathcona. I was so amazed that everyone, from Kindergarten to grade 6, and even the staff, had ear to ear smiles for the entire performance. We can’t wait to have you back again! "
- Karen Leggett Principal, Lord Strathcona Public School, Kingston, ON Limestone District School Board

"We really enjoyed the show, Mary! Lots of positive comments from the students. Here are some reactions from our students: It was really funny when Monsiour dressed as an RCMP officer! Aaliyah 8 years The show was awesome! Jaxson 9 The show was amazing! I hope to see it again. Jaxon 8 years The moose song is my favourite! Payten 7 years I loved the lovely singing. I hope we can see it again. Emma 7 The choo choo train song was great! Kyndall 8 It was the bestest concert ever!!! It was really fun to be on stage for the Mozzie Mash song! Scott 9 I love watching your videos on Youtube. Peter 8 Thanks again for everything. Hope to see you again! "
- Laurie How-Khairullah, Grade 2/3 Teacher, Rideau Heights Public Sschool, Kingston, ON

"Your mom came to Maple Elementary School to perform- my daughter Evelyn’s school, and she has been talking about it for the last hour! Let her know she clearly did an amazing job!!"
- Alex Draper, Mom, Kingston, ON

"Mary’s performance was wonderful and she was fantastic at involving the audience, whether they were young children or adults! The Pajama Party Concert was so much fun. "
- Kate Renfree, Grande Prairie Public Library, AB

"Thank you so much for coming - the kids and staff loved it and had so much fun! I have passed on your info to my Principal colleagues already and said you would be amazing for their school as well. We will be in touch again - thanks!"
- Donna Overacker Gold Bar School, Edmonton, AB

"Thank you for coming to Nanton and sharing your performance with the AB Dayley kids. We had an absolute blast. 'It was over two years in the making and we are so glad that Mary could come to Nanton!! It was an amazing performance that the school will be buzzing about for quite a while. We look forward to when she can come back and visit us again! Thank you!' "
- John G. Dozeman Fire Chief/ PCP/ SCO, Town of Nanton

"Thank you again Mary we have heard wonderful reviews from both the daycare and Bassano School regarding the delivery of your performance. So much lifesaving information in easily digestible portions for our children and youth. I have written a review for you. Mary Lambert’s “Sing out on Fire Safety” performance drives home the fire safety and prevention message in a dynamic way that gets the audience excited and engaged. Through the incorporation for fire personnel, and audience members Mary had the attention of the audience allowing messages of safety, prevention and preparedness to the forefront and provides a platform for participants to continue conversations at home. The Great Escape provokes families to have a safety plan and gives children a voice to encourage these preparations. Thank you Mary, for sharing your energy, excitement and knowledge of Fire Safety. "
- Amanda Barron FCSS Director| Town of Bassano

"'Mary Lambert is amazing! The crowd at our growing small-town library loved her! Her songs are interactive, fun, and inviting for everyone. We were fortunate to have her help us kick off the summer reading program with a BANG! Inviting and friendly, we loved every minute of her entertaining and lively performance. Thanks, Mary!' "
- Laura McGillis Activity Programmer Stony Plain Public Library

"Mary visited our school the day before March Break in 2023. Her performance was as entertaining and as educational as ever. Mary touched on issues related to bullying awareness, kindness, inclusion and love!!! We were so lucky to be able to book this Canadian Treasure!!!"
- Jeff Lloyd, Perth Rd. Public School, Perth Rd. ON

"Mary Lambert's performance is upbeat and gets the whole audience involved and engaged in the performance. Our students talked about it for the rest of the week. "
- Frank Heinrichs, Principal Falun School, AB

"Mary's wonderful performance helped us kick off our March Break celebrations at the Library. Winter blues were nowhere to be found during the concert. All of the children (and parents) had a great time getting to sing about Springtime, trips to Hawaii, and more! Mary has her setup and takedown routine down to a science. She smoothly engages everyone in the audience to participate with her infectious enthusiasm and energy. "
- Michele Gardner (County of Prince Edward Public Library and Archives) Ontario

"Here are some testimonials from my grade grade 3 students who came on Tuesday. I have more from the kinders, too. *I liked that she used volunteers-Nora *I liked the animal song-Adalyn *It was GREAT!-Dominic Kinder group: *I like your singing-Quinn *I like when she dressed Mme Lalonde as a lady bug-Brooke *I like your dresses-Alyssa *You are the best singer-Isabelle/Arthur *You do the best songs-Lennox *I like the songs about the Earth-Zoey A teacher, Mrs. Hambleton went to the principal and told her "how great it was to have the kids so engaged and interested in such a wonderful show while learning". It really was so wondeful, Mary. You create magic and brought some innocence and fun to adults and students. Thank you. It was great to finally meet you. You are so down to earth and lovely. Keep on making the world a better place. "
- Lynn Lalonde, Teacher Thousand Islands Elementary School, ON

"Thank you Mary Lambert for wrapping up our Family Literacy Day Festival on such a energetic and fun note with your Monkey Sing/Monkey Do performance, and tying it into literacy. Kids and adults alike had a great time with all your songs and dances. It was very engaging! "
- Tara Downs, Innisfail Public Library, Alberta

"Thank you so much for your presentation...a great time for memories and laughter which is much needed in these post-COVID days. "
- Dwayne Unreiner, Principal, St. Patrick's School, Medicine Hat, AB

"Thanks so much for coming to our library. So glad you got to see so much wildlife on your tour! My feedback is this : You were punctual, very genial, professional and easy to work with. Your directions for set up and take down were clear and concise. Your set up was fast and efficient and you managed to adapt to our small space very easily and seemed happy to do so. During the performance it was great that you got the crowd involved and everyone seemed to be having a good time. This is feedback and testimonials via Angelina (our Summer Reading Club Coordinator who was in the room during the entire performance) : The kids had fun and were encouraged to be interactive. The kids were well behaved and really liked you as a performer. She thought you did a great performance. There was a good variety of songs and the kids liked this (particular favourites were the “Blackfly Boogie” song and “Honey and Jam”) The adventure stories were also well liked. Angelina thought you were very polite and kind. The kids were excited about your merchandise and to get photos with you after the performance and were excited to have your autograph! Hope this feedback helps and good luck with all future endeavours. "
- Darren Smith, Library Technician Branch Assistant, Williams Lake Branch Library, BC

"Thank you so much for visiting our library and performing your fantastic show for the kids. What a great way to kick off Summer Reading Club! Everyone loved the show, even the library staff. Members were dancing along to your songs. We are so grateful for the hard work you put into your performance, and for sharing the show with our community."
- The Staff and Board of Fort St. James Public Library, BC

"Marys energy and enthusiasm was amazing! Her performance was so engaging for our students and the interactive nature of her music ensured that all children could participate in the fun. We would absolutely love to have her back for another show! "
- Ellen White, Music Specialist & Grade 6 Teacher, Nellie Carlson School, Edmonton, AB

"My kindergarteners LOVED your performance. You did such a wonderful job! I enjoyed it as much as my students did. Thank you for all the energy and work you put into blessing our students and staff. "
- Rebecca Riener, Kindergarten Teacher, Coalhurst Elementary School, Lethbridge, AB

"Mary Lambert was genuine and engaging. Her ability to connect to students and staff was incredible and we feel so lucky to have had her perform at our school. "
- Stefanie Brown - Principal - Florence McDougall School, High Level, AB

"Mary -- I had to stop and drop a note. My staff were so thrilled with your performance at our school. We were especially impressed that you were able to keep students from K - 6 entertained. In fact my staff thought that our grade 7/8 students would have even enjoyed the performance. It was a great way to bring the school together, laugh a lot, and just pause to enjoy a live performance again. THANKS for your work and for coming our way! "
- Melissa Gartly, Principal, Lomond Community School

"Having Mary at our school was great! She immediately built a culture of fun and love for music and the kids were 100% engaged in everything she presented. She is a master at getting kids involved and the quality of everything she did for our students was excellent!"
- Klaas Hoekstra, Principal Taber Christian School, Alberta

"Mary Lambert is a children's entertainer on par with Fred Penner, Raffi and Sharon, Lois and Bram. I've seen a lot of school concerts in my day, but this one stood out to me for the following reasons. 1. High energy and audience participation. Students K-6 completely engaged the whole hour. (end of June, I might add). 2. The show we watched was themed for Canada Day. Great songs and trivia teaching about Canada. 3. Musically entertaining and quite funny. We enjoyed her voice, action songs and on-stage antics. If you are looking for something to entertain and educate in a light-hearted, fun way, I would not hesitate to book Mary Lambert. "
- Karen Schweighardt, Music Teacher, St. Philip Fine Arts School, Calgary, AB

"Mary was an excellent performer for our K-6 school (Together We Learn Show) – engaging staff and students alike! She brings messages of kindness and caring through songs and actions. We couldn’t believe a whole hour had passed and wished she could have stayed longer! Thank you! "
- Kim Welte Principal OUR LADY OF THE ASSUMPTION SCHOOL, Calgary, AB

"You did a great job blending information and entertainment together for our TOGETHER WE LEARN performance - I received plenty of positive feedback from the students."
- James C. Sedgwick Principal, Greely Road Public School - Fort McMurray, AB

"Thank you Mary Lambert for the amazing perfomance!! The kids in our summer camp aged 5-11 were all engaged and captivated by your songs and energy on stage. Our kids appreciated a performer that was so interactive with them. All of our kids had a great time and the performance was a highlight of many of their weeks! We greatly appreciate you driving up to our community to put a smile on all our campers faces. 😊"
- Blake, Summersplash Coordinator, Slave Lake, AB

"Mary did a great job engaging our students. I was amazed that she could keep over 500 kids focused on her performance the entire time. She certainly knows how to work with a young audience. "
- John Bourne - Principal Kemptville Public School, ON

"Mary has visited our school a number of times and our most recent concert was amazing! Mary continues to engage both students and adults with a variety of songs that cover a broad range of styles and subjects. Her material is child friendly, often provides curriculum links, but predominantly is fun and interactive. Mary's down to earth connection to her audience is powerful. We can't wait until she travels East again for her next visit!! "
- Debra McMurray, Louborough Public School, Sydenham, ON

"The best part of Mary Lambert is how she encourages parents to participate. It's rare to find entertainment for children where the adults are included. We had a few good laughs and we're still singing out favourite songs. Now we're on the lookout for the next Mary Lambert show! "
- -Niki Tune (Parent) and Project Coordinator Wetaskiwin Early Years Coalition

"It's rare for a children's book to prove itself a gem before the story even begins, but Tabby Toodles' Pirate Adventure does just that. The rousing tale is preceded by a highly amusing glossary of Pirate Lingo and an illustrated cast of characters that captivate readers and leave them hungry for more. That anticipatory excitement proves to be more than justified as this joyful adventure unfolds in playful pirate vernacular youngsters find irresistible. There is merriment on every page as readers follow a happy (mostly female) pirate crew in search of treasure. Zavoc Dayne's gorgeous water color illustrations mesh perfectly with Mary Lambert's delightfully inventive rhymes in portraying an unforgettable group of seafarers as they sing, set sail and maintain a festive mood even in the face of rough weather and a surprise treasure! As Katy, Tabby Toodles and crew so eloquently put it: YO HO HO... a pirate's life for me! YO HO HO... adventures on the sea! YO HO HO... we're searchin' happily!"
- Reviewer - Tillywig 2019 Top Fun Book Award

"What a fantastic day for a Christmas party! Thank you so much to Mary Lambert for the outstanding performance! The kids and adults all had a great time! This was your second performance I've seen from you here in Delia, and I'm sure it won't be your last. "
- Kris Lake, Elks of Canada, Delia, AB

"Mary came to perform at our National Child Day event in Lamont and her high energy, interactive show was engaging and entertaining. The theme this year was “Right to an Identity” and Mary was able to incorporate this theme very nicely into her routine with the “Name Game” song. The kiddos were super excited and the parents made comments of how excellent the show was. She even had our local Peace Officer up on stage “performing” for the crowd! Thank you Mary! "
- Michelle Andriashyk, Early Steps to Success Coalition, Lamont County Region

"Thank you for adding to our very successful day. Your SING OUT FIRE SAFETY show is always a hit and the messages are so important. Councilor Tina Petrow remarked on what a great show and message you had. We had 800 people through the doors that afternoon. No wonder our feet were tired."
- Linda Masson, Deputy Chief Airdrie, AB

"Thanks for joining us this year for the 8th Annual Summers End Festival. We enjoyed your performances and received lots of positive feedback. You made some kids very happy! One little one was so excited she told me that it was her best day ever….that just makes all the organization worth while. I will keep in touch and definitely pass your information along to others."
- Caroline Cleave, Director of Community Services, Town of Fairview

"Mary Lambert's high energy, interactive, fun-filled performance had the children involved throughout. Even all the adults were engaged. We received very positive feedback from those in attendance. Everyone had a great time. The children are still wondering what the "Thing" in the box was!! We look forward to having Mary return for future performances! "
- Johnene Amulung, Library Manager, Rolling Hills Public Library

"We're so glad we were able to make this tour work. All of the feedback we've had from our member libraries so far has been wonderful, and we very much appreciate how you were able to scale your show for our libraries big and small. I don't hesitate to say that we'll definitely keep you in mind in the future."
- Samantha West, Shortgrass Library System, Alberta

"Mary Lambert's performance at the Foremost Municipal Library was enjoyed by children of various ages as well as parents and grandparents. Mary took the kids on some great adventures, with the children dressing up and participating in the performance. Everyone had a wonderful time!!! Thank you Mary! "
- Joan Beutler, Library Manager, Foremost Municipal Library

"It was a pleasure to host Mary Lambert at the Beaumont Library. Our children ranged in age from toddlers to teens, and yet she had everyone up swinging to the music. Her voice and choice of songs was great, and I loved her interaction with the crowd and individual volunteers. Truly a professional in all aspects; we were so glad the Beaumont Credit Union generously sponsored her to kick off our Summer reading Club. "
- Andrea Ciochetti Program Coordinator Bibliothèque de Beaumont Library

"Mary Lambert visited our school to present to our grades kindergarten to grade 3 students. The students were engaged during the performance and enjoyed singing the songs and participating in the actions. Parents and teachers also enjoyed the songs and participating. We have a teacher who is retiring at the end of June and she was highlighted in one of the songs. She was thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of the performance. It was a lot of fun and we are still singing the songs in class. I would highly recommend this performer."
- Irene Schussler, Teacher, Burdett School

"“Mary performed her “Monkey Sing Monkey Do” show for several of our community schools and the Public Library! What a treat! The whole show was ‘BANANAS!’ Everyone had so much fun and Mary’s songs and enthusiasm are infectious! She had us all eating out of the palm of her hand! Mary gets the whole audience involved…singing, dancing and laughing. Especially with the Tooth Fairy! “ "
- -Angela Dunn McMan Parent Link Centre Program Supervisor Medicine Hat, AB

"What a great performance by Mary this afternoon at I.F. Cox School! Our students loved it!!!"
- Linda Simpson Asham

"Mary Lambert put on an AMAZING performance for Family Day in Coalhurst. She was incredibly engaging for families of all ages and had the whole crowd involved in her show. She brought so many charming props with for her performance and all the children LOVED being a part of the action. Mary provided good, clean, family fun. It was so refreshing and hilarious to be in the audience! Thank you, Mary Lambert Productions, for bringing you talent to Coalhurst, Alberta! "
- Deb Florence Recreation Coordinator Town of Coalhurst

"What an amazing evening we had with Mary Lambert. Our coalition brought her to Boyle Alberta for a fun-filled evening and that is exactly what was had. She had everyone involved and having a good time. This was great for anyone ages 1-7 years old and adults. Thank you so much again! My girls cant stop talking about you and your performance and they think we need to follow you around to come to all your shows(little groupies)…lol! "
- Christa Fuchs SHARED chair/Athabasca FCSS-Parent Link

"Hi Mary, you know we loved you out here in Elmworth! 'Mary’s a fantastic performer; entertaining, energetic and engaging! Spectacular performance! "
- Barbara Johnson Library Coordinator Elmworth Community Library

"Thanks for performing for us. Our students certainly enjoyed your music and that many of them got to perform with you. The staff loved the "Cliffy" section and are still calling Mr. Smith that!"
- Heather Caudron, Joussard School, Joussard, AB

"I wanted to thank you again for your great show & I hope that you will be back to visit us in the next year or so! "
- Barbara Johnson, Library Coordinator, Elmworth Community Library

"We (fire fighters) are not usually into this type of involvement but you made it easy and enjoyable, thank you. All the fire fighters had a good time. Not kidding, when we got back to the fire hall we all had grins and nothing but positive comments about You and your SING OUT FIRE SAFETY program. We have gotten very good feedback from the teachers and we could see the kids enjoyed it as well. I'm sure there were a large number of parents being questioned when the kids got home that night. "
- Paul Lijdsman, Fire Chief, SCO Oyen Fire Dept.

"Mary Lambert came to Smith for our annual Smith Fall Fair and performed for the kids. Her performance was enjoyed by both young and old and we would definitely recommend her. She interacts with the audience and the kids absolutely loved her! "
- Ruth Reay Smith Community Library

"Mary Lambert performed for many libraries within the Greater City of Sudbury summer of 2017. No matter if the crowd was large or small, Mary's performance kept the kids engaged from beginning to end! Her energy is contagious and she had the whole room singing and dancing! Her songs are very catchy. I found myself singing them over and over again, even after the performance was over! "Old Macdonald's FUNKY farm, E-I-E-I-OOOOO!!!" "
- Mandi Quinlan, Community Programmer, Greater Sudbury Public Library

"Mary, I just wanted to tell you that everyone thoroughly enjoyed your performance yesterday. I think your presentation is fantastic, entertaining and educational. I think my brother-in-law (Const. Cliffey) really enjoyed his role as well ;) I know one of our teachers was commenting that she would really like to see you back again, so we will have to work on that next school year. Enjoy your summer! "
- Lori MacKinnon Allan Johnstone School, Hardisty, AB

"My grade one students love Tabitha Marion Evelyn! This book is a fabulous asset to any early education teacher. Not only does this book teach young readers the foundations of opposites, rhyme and rhythm; it also teaches the students about emotions, acceptance and love. Students can easily identify with the character Tabby Toodles, a rambunctious energetic child, who loves to do the opposite of everything her parents say. Despite her stubbornness, and occasional outburst, she is loved unconditionally. This book provides a powerful example to students and teachers about personal identity and being accepted for who they are. What wonderful lessons we can learn from Tabitha Marion Evelyn (Tabby Toodles)! "
- Lisa Kruk, Grade One Teacher, Linsford Park School, Leduc, AB

"Cute, catchy, and contagious are just a few of the words that come to mind while reading debut author Mary Lambert’s new book “Tabitha Marion Evelyn”. This delightful book is an ideal read-aloud as the writing has an uplifting rhythm that will attract the young and the young at heart. Tabitha Marion Evelyn is a charming, loving, and beautifully illustrated story that is sure to become a favorite. "
- Susan Parkinson Calmar Public Library

"Your book is a hit with my granddaughter. She asks to read it aloud whenever she comes over. The images are delightful and the repetition throughout the book has the audience shouting out the opposites before the page is turned. The predictive style is fun to read over and over. "
- Susannah Kotyk, Thorsby Library

"It was great to meet you and especially have you come to Bashaw to ‘entertain the troops’ ! The kids were still pumped days later. Your music quickly left the library. One young mom was desperate for some kids’ music CDs to play to her 5 month old who has decided he doesn’t like car travel unless she sits in the backseat and sings to him ! Their last trip had her out of breath so now it will be YOUR fabulous voice he hears. ( Lucky kid ). "
- Cindy Hunter, Bashaw Library

"I am thrilled you have Purple People Eater on your new CD. I have a very fond memory from my childhood, sitting at a cafe with my parents having milkshakes, and I used some of my allowance money to put Purple People Eater on the juke box. It's amazing what memories/images music can bring back."
- Cheers, Mark Bergin, Writer and Photographer, Kingston, ON

"We loved having Mary come to visit our library. Her presentation was imaginative, creative and engaging. Our theme was Canada 150 and she tailored her concert to fit our theme exactly. The children loved her dynamic personality and had a fantastic time with her interactive performances. We had 2 concerts, one for preschool children and the other for our local Grade 3 students. She was able to adapt her concerts for both age groups and entertained them both equally well. A great time was had by all, we highly recommend her performances to other libraries. Thanks! "
- Liz Bectell, Children's Librarian, Jim and Mary Kearl Library, Cardston, AB

"I just wanted to thank you for inviting us to the Mary Lambert Presentation. She was so engaging. The children adored her. We all learned things about Canada – She was very informative. We appreciate being involved. "
- Annette Bright, Cardston School

"Just a quick note of thanks. The staff and students were thrilled! A great way to begin the week. Thanks again, "
- Dan Curtis, Principal, St. Columban School, Cornwall, ON

"WOW!! What an amazing, energetic, interactive performance Mary Lambert gives. All ages of children and adults were completely captivated for an hour. Mary is an extraordinary performer that every family should see!"
- Kim Dechaine, Programmer, Bonnyville Municipal Library

"Mary Lambert's presentation "Together We Learn" was fun, exciting, and engaging. Students and teachers were actively involved in the presentation through singing, actions, and some even were able to wear costumes! Mary provided an enthusiastic approach to teaching students how to feel safe and how to protect themselves and their friends in tough situations. Students left the presentation feeling happy and were heard singing some of her songs throughout the halls."
- School Administrator in Calgary

"It was wonderful to see how involved and enthusiastic all the children were in the songs. Everyone had something very positive to say about the performance and we look forward to having Mary come back to our school in the future."
- Joanne Friedt, Principal, Bishop Savyrn School, Edmonton

"This is what Michele Snyder (library children's program facilitator) said about the program: 'The final activity for the Jim and Mary Kearl Library's Summer Reading Program was Mary Lambert's "Going Places" concert. This exciting, interactive concert had all the children (and some of the parents) clapping dancing and singing along with old and new songs that fit the "Going Places" theme. Everyone had a great time and would attend another of Mary's concerts in a heartbeat' Thank you for helping making our finale a success!"
- Donna Beazer, Library Manager, Cardston, AB

"We had the pleasure of enjoying 'Sing Out Fire Safety' and 'A Mary Christmas' with Mary. Her enthusiasm and energy captivated the audiences. Mary has a way of keeping the attention of even the youngest child for the entire show. Her participatory style engages both young and old alike. She is one performer we will have back again!"
- Diana Rowe, Starland County FCSS, Morrin, AB

"We have had a very 'Mary' Christmas already! Thank you Mary! The show was engaging and high energy entertainment for both children and adults. You have a beautiful singing voice Mary, and wish you all the best!"
- Kelly Christman, Bassano FCSS Director/Community Worker

"Students at Ecole Mountain View School really enjoyed Marys 'Whole School' concert. It was colourful, high energy and participatory. When the bell rang at the end of the day, I saw many students still singing the songs and hand-jiving while heading out to catch the bus. Thanks for a great show, Mary!"
- Jennifer Dodsworth, Teacher, Hinton, AB

"Mary was a joy and delight to have perform at our Family Literacy Day celebrations here at the library. Her performance was funny and energetic and her music was both simple and catchy! Mary is incredibly comfortable on stage and has a great ability to adapt her performance to whatever audience she is in front of. We will definitely hire Mary again in the near future as she is one of the best performers we have ever had!"
- Emily Richards and staff, Leduc Public Library, AB

"We totally enjoyed having you here on EARTH DAY!. The GO GO GREEN presentations were age appropriate, engaging and fun. We loved them!"
- Stan Travnik, Assistant Principal, Willow Park School, Leduc, AB

"My daughter saw your show today at St.Mary-St Cecelia in Morrisburg. Since she has been home she has been talking all about the show. Described to me everything you were wearing and can not stop singing your songs. We wanted to say thanks for putting on such a great show, she had a blast!"
- Mrs. Allison Caron, mom, Morrisburg, ON

"Thanks so much for coming last night – you were absolutely wonderful, both the children and the parents were fully engaged."
- Jean Keetch, Library Manager, Rimbey Public Library

"We truly loved having you in our school and the kids thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful show. I hope our paths cross again. All the best!"
- Murray Brown, Principal, L. T. Westlake Fine Arts School, Taber

"Mary was so fun, and a consummate professional. Mary performed at our library for a crowd of approximately 75 children and adults. She was experienced with interacting with a young audience and involved kids and adults up on stage. A variety of songs, props, actions, and stories kept the crowd entertained for an hour. It was an entirely enjoyable experience from our very first interaction with Mary. Highly recommended!"
- Barbara Longair, Manager: Childrens Services, Lethbridge Public Library

"Mary Lambert is a terrific entertainer, not only for children, but for whole families! She is absolutely fun and light-hearted, and engages the audience to truly experience joyfulness while she is perfomring. She was able to draw the shyest children and the usually-reserved fathers to the stage, put smiles on every face, young and old alike, and still was patient, sensitive, and careful to not push people beyond their comfort zone. We are so eager to have her return to our area! She is a pleasure to work with, arranging and coordinating the logistics of performing. She was incredibly understanding, flexible, and adaptive for our ever-changing situation. I cannot say enough great things about the Mary Lambert experience! Thank you Mary for your time, energy, and infectious enthusiasm!"
- Rebecca Fitzsimmons, Central Peace Early Childhood Coalition Community Liaison

"Mary's energy, voice and charisma is felt during her interactions with children! The "Go Go Green" event was enjoyed by both students and staff while also giving us another vehicle to engage children in conversation about taking care of our environment! Thanks Mary!"
- Heather Langenhahn, Principal, Meadowlark School, Edmonton, AB

"Mary Lambert was a fun, interactive concert! Children from ages 18 months to grade 3 were entertained for 50 minutes, dancing and singing with her. I would recommend the pyjama party to any group that age and can't wait until we can have her back next year!"
- Michelle Duffy, Parent Link, St. Paul

"Mary Lambert's performance at our school had something for all ages. She has energy and keeps the entire audience active and engaged. It is hard to keep students engaged for a long period of time, but one hour of Mary's performance wasn't long enough!"
- Tim Johnson, Vice-Principal, Ecole Connaught School, Medicine Hat.

"The kids loved your performance! They especially enjoyed the hats that your volunteers got to wear. I heard lots about \"Buzzy the Busy Bully Bee\" song so I will have to use it in my music program. Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm in your performances!"
- Trudy Henry, Principal, Jessie Duncan Elementary School, Penhold, AB

"Mary was fantastic! Mary was very easy to get along with and had everything ready for her performance. The children and families loved her. We had children ranging in age from 2-6 years and Mary had them all involved in silly songs and dances. At one point, she had two unsuspecting parents getting up and being part of her show. Would I have her back? ABSOLUTLEY!"
- Jo Ann Belzile, Director YMCA Castle Downs Child Care, Edmonton, AB

"This performance held the attention of students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 easily. Students were engaged and entertained. I loved how she incorporated students and staff from the audience into her performance. Her messages about self awareness, working together, and standing up against bullying were positive messages that fit so well into our Leader in Me paradigm. Enjoyed the performance very much! Thank you!!"
- Carolyn Meyer, Music Teacher, Warburg School