FAMILIES ARE FOREVER – Featuring Mary, Graham, Meagan, Tabitha & Spencer Lambert

When my kids were little, it felt like that stage of life would last forever. In the blink of an eye, they are all grown and gone with families of their own.

I’m so grateful for the belief I have that families are ordained of God and that these relationships last beyond the grave. It gives hope, purpose and meaning to family life. It has also helped me to recognize that these relationships are the most important thing, even more important than work. If something isn’t right with one of my children or my husband, then we do our best to support one another and help. Having families can be messy business, but it can also be joyful. The home is where we learn to get along, forgive one another and love unconditionally. I know not all homes are like this. Our family life has not been without challenges along the way. I’m grateful for my family and grateful for the knowledge that family is important and that FAMILIES ARE FOREVER.

When I created the lyrics to FAMILIES ARE FOREVER, my kids were quite young – Spencer was around five years of age, Tabitha eight and Meagan 10. We had a really fun time with a photo shoot where we piled on top of each other, and also posed in several different scenarios, which you will see throughout this music video. It was also a wonderful experience to travel to the recording studio where their young voices were recorded. I am so happy to have this sound recording for our memories and also for their posterity.

Spencer was the youngest and really did/does love basketball. He went on to play for the University of Lethbridge before he had to quit due to some very bad concussions. We had a very special bond when he was little. Still do! He will always be my “Angel Boy” (music video coming soon) He was a very easy child who has a soft heart, can pick up on things when I’m not feeling myself, and he has worked very hard in his life to overcome some difficult things. He’s a wonderful father and husband.

Tabitha (Tabby Toodles) was our middle child. Precocious, smart, bossy, sassy, and the entire dynamic of the room changed whenever she walked into it. I lovingly call her my wild child. When she left home it was a worry, but today, Tab is the one who probably calls home most often. I’m grateful for the good daughter, wife and mother she has become.

Meagan is our oldest. Easy baby, child and teenager. Meagan has a good work ethic and has always been organized and self-propelled. She was a good older sister for her siblings to follow. Meagan always had a smile on her face. She learned at a young age how to be strong and a good friend to others. Her children are lucky to have her for a mother. She doesn’t let anything stop her from doing the good things in life.

Although our adopted daughter, Samaria, wasn’t part of our family when FAMILIES ARE FOREVER was recorded, it’s been an amazing thing to be able to include her in this music video. She became the youngest in the family. She is, in every way, a sister and daughter in our Lambert family. (For further information on her adoption, please see the blog for ADOPTION MEANS)

A couple of years ago Meagan told me that she can’t remember me being with her very much when she was little. It bothered me a little bit and I questioned if I had spent enough time with my kids when they were young. I was very grateful for these home movies that I found this past year, where I could see us snuggling and reading together. I’m sorry I’ve passed along my horrible memory to her. When I watched through all of our home movies, it brought back many good memories of SO many family gatherings, events and situations I’d totally forgotten about. After viewing everything I thought to myself, “I have been a good mother.” I don’t know why, we as women, are so hard on ourselves. I know I haven’t been perfect and there are so many ways I could have been a better mother, but I realize I am at peace. I’m at peace because I have a good relationship with each of our children. My children know I love each one of them unconditionally. Our Father in Heaven and Saviour love us unconditionally. I’m grateful to know I am a daughter of God and a part of His family. Families are eternal. FAMILIES ARE FOREVER.

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